Blue Rabbit Star Telescope

Blue Rabbit Star Telescope

Introducing the ‘Star’ collection, the HDPE extrusion blow molded telescope ‘Star’ from KBT offers extra fun with its unique, extra-large design.


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Blue Rabbit Star Telescope

Introducing the ‘star’ collection from KBT, the HDPE extrusion blow moulded telescope is an extraordinary and oversized addition to your outdoor fun. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, including a separate connection piece.

Designed to rotate in all directions, this telescope showcases an eye-catching and unique design. Combine it with other members of the ‘star’ family to create an amazing play space. Please note that this telescope does not offer magnification. Add a touch of orange and green color to your outdoor adventures with this extra-large telescope measuring 418 x 136 x 207 mm.

  • Dimensions –
    418 x 136 x 207 mm
  • Extra-large, unique design
  • Rotates in all directions
  • Please note: Telescope does not magnify

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