Mensa-Heating Replacement Bulb

Mensa Heater – Lamp House Replacement Bulb

Upgrade your heating experience today with a Mensa-Heating replacement bulb. It’s time to elevate your comfort to a whole new level!


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Mensa-Heating Replacement Bulb

Looking for a replacement bulb for your Mensa-Heating IMUS, Vireoo Private, Vireoo Pro, or Statio? Look no further!

The Mensa-Heating Bulb is designed to be long-lasting, with an impressive lifespan of 5,000-7,000 hours. It is crafted with Danish engineering expertise and incorporates a unique function found in all models. Experience the unmatched safety, comfort, and revolutionary technology of Mensa Heating.

Key features and benefits include:
Long-lasting bulb lifespan
Protection against water damage
Enjoy the convenience of Safe Touch Technology

Upgrade your heating experience today with the Mensa-Heating replacement bulb and enjoy a whole new level of warmth and comfort.

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